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eBay - Add Order Order Shipping Fulfillment

When you group an order's line items into one or more packages, each package requires a corresponding plan for handling, addressing, and shipping; this is a shipping fulfillment. For each package, execute this call once to generate a shipping fulfillment associated with that package. Note: A single line item in an order can consist of multiple units of a purchased item, and one unit can consist of multiple parts or components. Although these components might be provided by the manufacturer in separate packaging, the seller must include all components of a given line item in the same package.Before using this call for a given package, you must determine which line items are in the package. If the package has been shipped, you should provide the date of shipment in the request. If not provided, it will default to the current date and time.

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Buy and sell electronics, cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, digital cameras, baby items, coupons, and everything else on eBay, the worlds online marketplace

Curl command through Streamdata.io

curl -v "https://streamdata.motwin.net/http://api.ebay.comorder/{orderId}/shipping_fulfillment?X-Sd-Token={streamdata_token}"

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